At Fashion in Style, it is our privilege to offer the finest quality alteration in bridal gowns, informal gowns, bridesmaids’ dresses, and flower girl dresses to brides and bridesmaids. Through our immeasurable quality and our professional customer service, it is our goal to make your special day, an Unforgettable one.


2 thoughts on “BRIDAL

  1. Athena Gery says:

    Hello Fashion in Style Staff, I will be ordering a wedding gown very soon and I am wondering if F.i.S. offers professional measurement services? I’m afraid I’ll take the wrong measurements or place the tape incorrectly, and end up with a dress that doesn’t fit. Please contact me through FB, or just reply here! Thank you!

    • blovrino says:

      Athena, yes we do offer professional measurement service. The fee is $10. Stop in any day during our work hours and we will take care of you. In case you decide to do alteration with us after you get your dress, the fee you pay for the measurement service will apply to alterations.

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